Art Therapy, Counseling and Community Support

Healing Art EC

At Healing Art Eau Claire, creativity is the source for growth and the path to rediscovering an authentic self. Art and art making are essential human resources for developing meaning in life and learning to connect and thrive under the most difficult circumstances.

"Have the courage to be imperfect." - Alfred Adler

Art Therapy

Art therapy can often be an alternative or complement to traditional talk therapy by connecting with different parts of ourselves and brain pathways cut off to verbal language alone. Art making is a natural way for us as humans to express and heal. Art therapy is an effective way to explore and resolve inner conflict without judgement. Through the creative process, proclaimed artists and identifying non-artists alike can benefit from finding meaning, improving relationships, and developing insight. Children naturally speak and express through art and art remains a source of vitality throughout the lifespan.

Reasons you may be seeking support:

  • Searching for meaning or ways to grow

  • Feeling cut off to emotions

  • A lack of satisfaction in relationships

  • Struggling with finding support or connection under difficult life circumstance

  • Just a general feeling for being stuck

  • Unrecognized or unresolved grief and trauma

Therapy Offerings:

Individual support for children, adolescents and adults

Family and group support

Community support

Educational Programing

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We all have the magical gift of creativity and the power to imagine and express stories in beautiful ways. Healing Art Eau Claire is a resource for supporting these gifts, at any age, and encouraging a culture of expression and non-judgment to advocate for a more compassionate world.