"Often The hands know how to solve the riddle with which the intellect has wrestled in vain." -CG Jung

Individual Support

Payment and Reimbursment :

  • Private Pay, Slinding Scale

  • CCS (Community Comprehensive Services) Contractor, Click below to learn more: https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/ccs/index.htm

Individual Counseling and Art Therapy

Participating in counseling and art art therapy can help to build a stronger sense of personal identity and self awareness. These services are highly individualized to follow each person's interests, skills and growth. There is no clinical analysis of art work in art therapy. Art, instead, offers individuals a powerful tool to tell their stories beyond words and to nurture untapped potential to connect with the world and other.

We could all use a little support today in being present in our lives and noticing what makes us and those around us truly amazing. No matter what the circumstances that lead you to search for support, we all have the potential to benefit from being creative and feeling heard.

Family Support

Today, it is normal for family life to be scattered. It can sometimes be hard for families to connect beyond roles and patterns and to get to the heart supporting each other. Art offers a way to connect and grow together and Healing Art EC is hear to welcome your family with optimism and non-judgement. It takes courage to connect, love and grow together.

Group Programs

When people come together to create and witness one another, it can be a powerful experience. Group art therapy can offer the chance to not only be heard by others, but to also see ways your story connects to the stories of others. Art making together is a sacred journey, one that reminds us of how truly connected we are.

Retreats and Education

Healing Art EC seeks to serve the community and other professionals and organizations by providing creative programing and sharing resources for growth and development. Weather your workplace is looking to develop a more creative culture, or there is a curiosity and interest to learning more about healing and art, Healing Art EC can help with creative experiences and information to fit your need. With experience in topics including:

  • Community Based Art Making

  • Creativity and the Brain

  • Mural Making

  • Healing Art Exhibitions

  • Healing Grief and Trauma through Art Making

  • Art Therapy

  • Medical Art Therapy

  • Creativity & Compassion

  • Supporting Child Grief

  • School-based Creative Grief Support

  • Spirituality and Art Making

  • Art Making and Adaptive Arts for Individuals with Disabilities

  • Memory loss and Caregiving Support

  • Death and Dying & Grief and Loss following a Death

  • Meditation and Creativity

  • Adlerian Counseling